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Advanced Watertek provide premium, reliable systems that meet and exceed your specific requirements. From the origin of our components to the meticulous engineering by our team, we maintain a consistent focus on the quality of each of our working parts.

  • Our tried and tested components are sourced from Europe and the US. Where needed, materials and components with class approvals such as ASME and AWS certifications are specifically sourced from leading manufacturers.


  • We readily meet the stringent quality and HSE standards that our clients in the Marine, Offshore and Oil & Gas industries have come to expect.


  • As a policy, we request all employees to undergo extensive training and orientation relevant to their roles in order to effectively deliver quality products and services.

  • Advanced Watertek is ISO 9001: 2015 accredited for its Quality Management systems and standards.  This is recognition for adherence to our Quality Commitment.


  • Advanced Watertek strive to create a safe and incident-free workplace. We take a systematic approach to continually improve our Health and Safety policies. We periodically evaluate and comply with all regulatory requirements relevant to employee Health and Safety. Our performance is continually measured against incident records.

  • Risks are regularly identified, analysed and mitigated through immediate action. As a result, our processes are engineered to eliminate, control and manage Health and Safety risks. Additionally, all staff undergo extensive safety training in order to stringently enforce current safety standards.


  • In instances when we send our technical team on-site to Offshore Rigs for installations and maintenance purposes, to ensure complete safety compliance only fully BOSIET (Safety Induction, Sea Survail, HuET with EBS, Basic Fire Fighting & Self Rescue) certified members are dispatched.


  • Advanced Watertek has a zero environmental incidents record and over 100,000 man-hours completed without any LTI.


  • Advanced Watertek is ISO 45001: 2018 accredited for its Safety Management practices. This is recognition for adherence to our Safety Commitment.



  • Advanced Watertek is firmly committed to minimising impact on the environment by producing and operating innovative and environmentally friendly solutions. With this core principle we ensure that we minimise environmental impact while providing robust, cost-effective, and enduring solutions to clients. We regularly assess and comply with all the regulatory requirements impacting the environment. We assume a progressive stance on environmental issues and continuously work to improve our employees’ and stakeholders’ awareness on issues that impact the environment.

  • Advanced Watertek is ISO 14001: 2015 accredited for its environmental management efforts.  This is recognition for our adherence to our Environmental Commitment.



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