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Chemical dosing is the delivery of a chemical substance at a
controlled rate. This is crucial in water treatment activities such as
reverse osmosis and desalination, as well as for creating energy from
organic waste.


Advanced Watertek offers chemical dosing systems for a wide range of capacities to meet various chemical treatment applications.


Each system includes the chemical metering pump and polyethylene chemical tank, along with the necessary hoses and fitting for the pump.


Our chemical dosing systems are designed to be as durable as possible, handle as many different kinds of chemicals as possible, and retain as high an accuracy as possible. With Advanced Watertek, your chemical dosing system is built to last.

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Advanced Watertek helps organisations manage their water supply with ease and efficiency. We pride ourselves on our best-in-class technology and customer service. All units are manufactured in-house. We provide chemical after-sales to our Australian customers through our online supply channel


Advanced Watertek systems feature the following benefits:

  • ​Superior quality components and craftsmanship

  • Robust and ergonomic design

  • Ease of operation

  • Ideal for remote locations


We take the difficulty out of large-scale reverse osmosis plants with containerised water treatment systems. By choosing pre-designed, module-sized plants, fully assembled in standard 20-ft and 40-ft containers with the option for a 10-ft as well, the complexity and construction of building water purification systems are no longer necessary. Containerised water treatment systems are shipped out to wherever you need. With a brief training session, commissioned workers are ready to monitor the systems to produce high-quality potable water within days of delivery.


The plant will include:

  • Interconnecting piping between components and systems

  • Cabling and wiring of instrumentation inside the container to main control cabinet

  • Operation and Maintenance manuals

  • General Arrangement 3D/2D CAD drawings



As a leading manufacturer of custom-engineered water treatment systems, Advanced Watertek has an excellent track record of supplying skid-mounted water treatment systems for the treatment of various different water types. You’re in good hands with us.


Drawing upon in-depth understanding and knowledge of the wide range of water treatment processes, Advanced Watertek experts are able to work closely with clients to ascertain critical project parameters including contaminants to be removed, water throughput, serviceability requirements and installation space restrictions.



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